Body = Love

I have a friend who gets a dress made for herself every year on her birthday.  It’s a beautiful thing, to have something tailor made to fit you.  A luxury; an indulgence; a gorgeous practice of honoring the body and, therefore, the self.   Along those lines, one of my favorite things about my undergraduate program was custom-designing my own curriculum – it fit me perfectly, because it was designed specifically for me.  It wouldn’t have been anyone else’s perfect program, but it was mine, and it couldn’t have been better for me.

It occurred to me, recently, as I’ve been focused on body-love and embodiment this summer, that every single one of us has something of this caliber, something uniquely formed to fit us perfectly – something that fits us like it could never fit anyone else: our bodies.  Our bodies evolved specifically to be our bodies: you were the strange attractor that pulled together the specific sperm and egg to create a container that would house you, that would form and inform you throughout your journey.

How amazing this is? As humans we each have a body specifically and perfectly formed to contain and protect our unique selves on our diverse journeys – oh, yes, not only is the body the perfect, made-to-order container for your soul, but it is perfect for your journey, also.  It evolved specifically to be the medium through which you live into your unique purpose.  The thing that you came here to do, the part that is yours to play in the evolution of humanity, the evolution of consciousness, the evolution of love, can only be accomplished by you, can only be accomplished in your body, and can only be accomplished on your journey. Continue reading Body = Love