About Sana

Sana basking in the sunshine at a Chihouli exhibit

Seek, find, embrace, be.

I’m about expanding, growing, changing. Learning something new and weaving it into what I already know until the bigger, deeper, higher truth emerges. My life is a balancing act – walking the fine lines that fall between extremes. Sometimes the pendulum swings one way or the other, and the work, the challenge, the glorious struggle is to find my way back to center. Success means sitting quietly in the middle of the chaos AND dancing in the chaos around the quiet center.  I’m passionate about the joy of incarnation; about coherence, cohesion & collaboration, and about evolving beyond violence from the inside-out.

I’m a thread in a lineage of Tantric Kashmir Shaivism that was taught to me by Vyana Bergen (who studied with Rudy Ballentine, who studied with Swami Rama); I’m ordained in the lineage of Shalom Mountain by its founder, Jerry Jud, have trained extensively in that model, and am privileged to offer Shalom Retreats for young adults aged 18-25 twice a year.  I’ve a solid grounding in Judeo-Christian theology, having grown up in an Evangelical Missionary community, and love finding the overlap between that childhood paradigm and my current worldview.  I have an abiding love and respect for all faith traditions, and am often found exploring more than one – currently Mystical Jewish Kabbalah and Native North American Shamanism have caught my interest.

…and I’ve got this thing for words.  The perfect sentence, to be honest, totally turns me on.