Saying HELL YES!

It started, as many things do in my life, in a session with my Tantra Teacher, Vyana, about a month ago.  I was getting ready to lead a weekend workshop called a Shalom Retreat™.  It was only my second time out as a full-fledged Shalom Process leader (though I’d been an associate leader a number of times as I worked to complete my training)… and, the first time out – last December – had not gone as smoothly as I’d wanted it to.

And so there I was, sitting on the floor in the healing room at the Temple, as I had so many times before,  talking with Vyana about my doubts and  fears…about this feeling of being called to do sacred work in the world, and not knowing if I was up to the challenge.  And Vyana, in her matter-of-fact way, told me that I needed to start to learn how to value myself. Continue reading Saying HELL YES!