Over the past several weeks, I have heard myself saying things like “everything is getting more complicated!” and “everything is getting more delicate!” and “everything is getting trickier!”.

It’s certainly true.  One one level, I think it is a natural part of maturation.  Childhood is, by nature, very simple.  It doesn’t necessarily feel simple when you’re in it, but the reality of it is essentially, uncomplicated.  We are presented with a paradigm and it doesn’t occur to us to question it.  We are handed a set of rules and either follow them or don’t, and experience the results of that.  The world exists in absolutes, and it’s easy to believe that adulthood will be the same – aren’t we, after all, indoctrinated with the idea of the “happily ever after”? Continue reading Simplexity

Life is Like a Pot of Soup

Happy fall, fellow experimenters!

The equinox has come and gone, and there’s a bite in the air that wasn’t there a week ago.  All around me the trees are starting to change color, and smoke is rising from chimneys.

I’m a summer-lovin’ woman; a sunshine aficionado, a daylight dancer, and the arrival of fall has not always been something I’ve celebrated.  Generally I’ve greeted the shortening days and cooler nights with apprehension, dismay, and much protesting.  In my mind, fall = winter = Seasonal Affective Disorder.

But this year, I’m doing things differently.  Perhaps it’s my commitment to gratitude, that is enabling me to see the beauty of fall.  Perhaps it’s having learned to live more in the now – understanding that fall = fall, and not jumping ahead to winter.  Perhaps it’s feeling better equipped to handle the darkness this year…I’m all stocked up on St. John’s Wort, my full-spectrum bulb is already in the lamp, waiting to be needed, and I’m doing research to find the perfect B-vitamin complex for this year.

And perhaps, just perhaps, it’s that my soup pot is currently sitting on my stove, with a rich veggie soup simmering away.

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Gratitude, Part II

Hello, again.

Last week, I wrote about my return to gratitude, about being challenged to name 3 things each day that I am grateful for.

The challenge is complete, and it was a delicious one. So delicious, in fact, that I plan to keep it up privately now that I’ve done it publicly for a week.

I’m rather delighted with the beauty of this gratitude practice, and I so enjoyed hearing the outpourings of gratitude from some of you, so I’ve decided to put together all my gratitude posts from the last week in one place, as a reminder.  There are some days when gratitude is easy to grasp, and some days when it is a reach.  I’m hoping that reading back this “gratitude poem” will make the reach a little easier on the days it feels long.

So without further ado, here are my thanksgivings: Continue reading Gratitude, Part II


Hi, there.

It’s been almost a month since I last blogged.  That wasn’t the plan, but then, life so rarely seems to go according to plan.

It hasn’t been an easy month.  Lots of lessons, lots of conflicts in relationships, lots of student loan payments, lots of hopes and dreams that seemed within reach starting to feel impossible.  And over and over, I’ve sat down to write a new post, and found myself staring at a blank screen.

I don’t believe in “writer’s block”.  I believe sometimes a particular piece of writing needs to move to the back burner, to simmer while I write something else, but generally I can manage to write something, anything.  Only this time, I let myself get stuck. Continue reading Gratitude

Astrology, Anxiety, and Anticipation (oh my!)

I subscribe to an astrology blog that I read every day.  I’m not really into the brand of astrology that says “Leo’s should avoid the water today”, but I love this guy’s take – his name is Michael Lennox, and he calls his work “consciousness astrology”.  Basically, it’s about the archetypal energies of the planets, and their dance across our sky, and takes the (very tantric) stance that their dance and our dance are reflecting each other.

Being a night owl, I generally read the email when it hits my inbox around midnight, describing the next day.  Last night, I read about one of the transits happening today – a trine (which is a harmonious, productive energy) between Saturn and Chiron.  It’s the fifth one of five that have happened since the fall of 2012.  Basically, over the past 2 years, Saturn (who represents the archetype of Teacher) and Chiron (the Healer) have been working hard, meeting up, comparing notes, and giving each other high fives…all to effect healing and transformation in the arena of how we manifest our lives.  And today, their last time meeting up in this particular cycle, is accented by the fact that Venus (the Heart) is square between the two nodes – the points that represent past and future.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that in his writing about today, Michael said that this was a moment of clarity – that with our Hearts centered between past and future while the Teacher and the Healer are having a final celebration of the work they’ve been doing together these past two years (and maybe putting the finishing touches on it), we’re able to clearly see the transformation that has taken place.

So I woke up this morning wondering what I would see. Continue reading Astrology, Anxiety, and Anticipation (oh my!)


I woke up stressed this morning.  Nothing major, just every-day stresses: projects at work that weren’t going smoothly, the lack of an exact-o knife hampering my progress on an art piece, laundry to do…the usual list.  But today I got into a massive funk about it.  Because I’ve been dreaming of a different life…of waking up slowly and spending my days writing and making art and hanging out with people on their journeys.  Of having a yard to eat lunch in during the summer, and a fireplace to eat it by in the winter.  A life full of doing only things that I’m passionate about.

It’s a great dream.  And I’m right on the edge of it.  But I’m not there yet, and on days when the current life is uncomfortable, the distance from here to there starts to feel bigger.  This morning it was feeling insurmountable.  And then, straight out of the Great-Cosmic-Something, a beautiful, challenging question landed in my mind: Continue reading Bliss-ipline