Love is…

Love is when people drive you crazy, but you want them in your life anyway.  Or even, because of it.

Love is when you’re sad, and somebody who loves you can tell, just by looking at you, and they know how to make it just a little bit better, like with a hug or a joke or a silly song.

Love is when somebody yells at you, but you know they’re just upset about something else and taking it out on you, so you don’t take it personally.  Or at least not for very long.

Love is when you are sick in bed for three days, and people miss you and send you emails and texts to check on you, and bring you soup.

Love is when your heart is breaking, and somebody sits with you all day, and maybe even gets out the paints and puts on the Beatles, or gets all the junk food at the store with you.

Love is when you need to cry, and somebody washes the bathroom floor so you can lay on it.

Love is when your biggest fights evolve into your sweetest remembrances, because of how you stayed, and got through it, and how it made you stronger.

Love is staring at the person in front of you, in all of their glorious, evolutionary mess, and seeing the wonder, the beauty, the dance of it…and saying “Wow.”