People As Parallel Universes

every person is just a combination of experiments and choices.  every unique combination will be made.  that’s how we move from the one to the many.

and it’s all already been done.  and it’s all already in place, and it’s just mine to play out my combination of choices.  I’ve made them, outside of time and I get to choose them as I live them out inside of time, because they are MY choices – the choices that make me up.  The more I learn to wait for the threads and follow what I’ve already chosen, the more pleasure I get in the choosing and living.

every possible unique combination of choices will be made.  this creates the fabric of the universe.

these unique combinations organize into families according to their similarities and connections and differences.  this forms the patterns and shapes and colors in the tapestry of the many.  These groupings together of unique combinations of choices are our lineages and our kulas.

we continue playing out choices until all possible combinations have been reached, and the possibilities are infinite.  It’s so much bigger than humanity – choices exist in both the Mental and the Mythical: the two realms of story and time.  Time stretches out the process of choosing so that we can experience the story of our choice.

the one and the many, which are both timeless and unceasing, continuously make love through Maya, which is infinitely evolving, infinitely birthing..

I am my choices, and I have already made them all.