My offerings

Metanoia – part critical paper, part memoir, part journal entries, part letters…Metanoia is a chronicle of the first decade of my healing journey, available both as an ebook and as an interactive-multimedia web-book.  (more information)

E-Courses – both free & paid options, covering such topics as Tantra, Writing, Creativity and Intentional Love & Self Love! (more information)

Story Circles – a monthly virtual gathering to share our stories with each other. (more information)

Myth Writing – a process in which I help you “unpack” one of your stories over a skype call and rewrite it for you from a new perspective.  After you’ve had a chance to read it, a second skype call will support you in integrating your new myth. (more information)

Workshops – periodically I offer weekend, in-person workshops and retreats. (more information).

Individual Sessions – over skype or in-person if you’re in/near Sullivan County, NY (more information)