Containing the Uncontainable

How do you build a container for the uncontainable?  By constantly expanding the container.

I cannot look at the world and say “this or that is bad”.  I can’t.  I can’t point at the violence or the poverty or the hunger and say “this is bad”, because bad is not real; bad is simply a judgment; it has no inherent essence or beingness.  

I can long for a world without violence, but only once it has served its evolutionary purpose, because to do so prematurely would be to banish the disturber.  And we know that doesn’t work.  Whatever part of our own psyche we try to banish will manifest itself “sideways” in unconscious ways, and will greet us, over and over, in the mirrors we draw towards ourselves.  If this is true in our psyche, then it must also be true in our collective psyche.

And so what is my longing?  Just like the “shadow” parts of our psyches can be reintegrated into the whole, can find their place in the pattern of the organism, I believe the “shadows” in our collective psyche can be loved into their own true beauty.  By this, I do not mean that these parts of us need to change, rather that they need to come into alignment – into love instead of fear.  The pedophile, the murderer, and so many other parts of us are just that: parts of us.  And we need them.  Because we don’t want to leave any part of ourselves behind.  We all go through the gate, together.  Evolution happens as a collective organism, through billions and billions of individual evolutions.  We are One, which means we are in this together.  We need all of us.  We simply can’t yet see the pattern in some places; can’t yet find the pleasure; the beautiful essence at the core.  Perhaps, just like with a canvas that, up close makes little sense, but from far away can be seen and understood, we can gain enough perspective to really see these parts of our being-ness, parts of our God-dance.  And to see them in their uniqueness, through the eyes of love.

Being seen through the eyes of love is what brings us into more-ness.  It is what expands us.  And, here’s the beautiful twist of it all: it is only through expansion that we can grow our perspective in the first place.

The point of it all is to evolve; to expand; to BECOME.