When We Get There

When all of consciousness is manifested, and all of manifestation is conscious.  When we get there.  When all is awake – all. is. awake.  the illusion and the non-illusion fully integrated.  The ultimate union of shiva and shakti – not as an enmeshment, but as a glorious, eternal, universal orgasm.  And from the force of that creative burst of spanda, everything will be destroyed and rebirthed, over and over and over, surging forth from the moment of ecstasy, as we have surged forth from a moment of ecstasy, because the lovemaking of the I/We/All is an ongoing, constant, and ever-evolving cycle/spiral…the deliciousness of manifestation, the bliss of consciousness…something about sat chit ananda, I think…and grace, of course.  always grace.  fucking delicate, perfect grace.